Online Legal Services!

We believe in access to justice. Many Canadians do not live near large cities where a good selection of quality lawyers can be found. That’s why we offer personalized legal services at affordable rates to people online. We believe that wherever you live, you should be able to hire a good lawyer.

We have our conversations using Skype, Zoom or other video conferencing technology. Sometimes, with your permission, the conversation is recorded and the recording becomes part of your file.

We can assist with the sale or purchase of property in Ontario, all online.

We offer business advice and estate planning guidance, all online.

We can even prepare your Will and Powers of Attorney, all online. We are with you to the very end of the process, holding a video chat to even watch you sign the documents, to make sure the legal requirements of execution are fulfilled.

Our offering is simple. Use technology to foster convenience. We asked ourselves, why drive through downtown traffic to meet when we can hold our meeting online, in the comfort of our respective homes or offices. The future is online, and we are there to help you with your legal needs.