Business Law

Your virtual in-house legal counsel.

We serve the needs of small business owners across the Province of Ontario.

We advise on new business start ups and incorporations. We advise business on a variety of matters, including contractor and employment agreements, service agreements and non-disclosure agreements.

We review and draft commercial agreements to affect the purchase and sale of a businesses. We assist business owners with contract negotiations, ensuring that interests are incorporated and protected in an agreement.

We advise on share purchase agreements, investments and new business ventures, taking into consideration legal, tax and compliance requirements.

We find and establish tax efficient corporate structures for you and your family.

We provide business owners with the following legal services:

  • Advice on Corporate Structures
  • Compliance and Regulatory Reporting
  • Purchase and Sale of a business
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Minute Books and Corporate Record Maintenance
  • Board, Shareholder and Annual resolutions.

Types of contract we have experience with:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Share purchase agreements
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Business planning agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • License agreements
  • Non-competes / non-solicitation agreements
  • Confidentiality / Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s)
  • Letters of intent / term sheets
  • Trusts
  • Employee stock option plans
  • And more…

Agreements entered-into without a lawyer’s review risk being deemed invalid or being open to contentious litigation down the road. A lawyer can bring the important issues to your attention and work to ensure your rights and interests are protected and incorporated properly into an agreement.

Virtual In-House Counsel

We provide easy and convenient access to quality legal advice. We act as part time in-house legal counsel and provide corporate and regulatory expertise for a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm. We learn your business and your appetite for risk and expenditure. We quarterback your legal issues and facilitate solutions. Our relationship usually starts transactionally, on-demand, but often extends to dedicated, recurring support, as you may require.

Contact Charney Legal to discuss your case and obtain legal advice relevant to you.

The general information on this page is not applicable to any specific case and is intended for information purposes only. It is not a substitute for legal advice and may not be relied on as such. Readers are expressly advised to consult with a qualified lawyer for advice regarding their specific circumstances and entitlements under Ontario law.