Don’t worry about the clock ticking. We charge flat fees.

Legal fees vary greatly. Our fees are reasonable and well worth it considering our knowledge and the exceptional level of service we provide. We offer a boutique, premier law firm experience for a reasonable price. As a client, you will have direct access to your lawyer at any time. Protecting your interests becomes our priority.

Legal fees in Real Estate Transaction can appear to be so confusing! What is a fee and what is a disbursement? That is why we have simplified our fee structure and we are unique in this approach. We use transparent, easy to understand pricing that is ALL INCLUSIVE of all normal legal costs in a transaction. Here at a glance is your “ALL IN” price quote with NO HIDDEN FEES:



up to $500,000, plus

$160 per $100,000 above $500,000

(Title Insurance Premium and Placement fee)

    INCLUDES Title Insurance and
    ALL Disbursements!
  • $250 for use of a power of attorney
  • $250 if assuming more than one tenancy
  • $699 if bridge financing is required
  • $499 for additional/private mortgage (non big bank).


$1,150 for Sales
up to $1,000,000

$100 per $100,000 above $1,000,000

    Includes 1 mortgage discharge
  • $250 for additional mortgage discharge(s)
  • $250 for use of a power of attorney


$799 for Refinances
up to $500,000

$160 per $100,000 above $500,000

(Title Insurance Premium and Placement fee)

  • $250 for use of a power of attorney
  • $550 if refinance is with a private (not a bank) mortgagee.

Survivorship Application: $899

Transfer of Title: $899

New Build Occupancy Closing: $250

Independent Legal Advice: $499

Assignment Purchase: $1,000 (Plus Cost of Residential Purchase)

Dealing with real estate is a big deal. Whether buying, selling or refinancing, we take however much time it takes to answer your questions.

Closing your transaction is our priority, and we provide excellent client service along the way. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive real estate lawyers around. Our fees are what I consider reasonable and well worth it considering our knowledge and the level of service we provide.

If you are a purchaser, in addition to these fees, you are required to pay on closing Land Transfer Tax (LTT) to the Province of Ontario. If you are a first-time homebuyer, please contact our office as you may qualify for the first-time homebuyer rebate. Find out how much your Land Transfer Tax is with this Land Transfer Tax Calculator.

There are a few additional items that may apply to your transaction, but above are the standard disbursements associated with a transaction. We will certainly discuss the final amount we require closer to your closing date.

We take however much time it takes to answer your questions and guide you on your estate planning journey to the very end with empathy and understanding.

We provide a holistic estate planning experience. We pride ourselves on our clients leaving our office satisfied with their experience and their legal documentation.

Estates and individual circumstances vary greatly, so an “out-of-the-box” Will wont fit. We therefore offer a wide-range of flat fee services, to fit your needs.

SIMPLE WILLIndividual $650,
Couple $850
(Corporate Wills, Foreign Property, Trusts, Tax Planning, Blended Families, Disability Estate Planning, Corporate Estate Planning, Initial Gift and Charity Planning).
Individual starts at $1,250 - $3,500
Couple starts at $1,800 - $4,500
POWER OF ATTORNEY “POA” (CPOA for Property, POA for Personal Care)$250 for one, or $425 for both.
ESTATE ADMINISTRATION (PROBATE) Application for a Certification of Appointment of Estate TrusteeStarting at $2,500

The Range: As you can imagine, every person is different and circumstances vary greatly. Our approach is holistic and personalized, so we have attempted to provide a range of pricing for “complex estate planning”. All pricing is discussed with you in advance. No surprises.

A large firm estate planning experience for a fraction of the price. Yet unlike a large firm, you have your lawyer available to you at any time to discuss your estate plan. That is because I like my clients to have my personal number and email address so that they can reach me at any time.

We take however much time it takes to answer your questions and we make sure that you are happy with your documents before you sign them.

So few people have a Will. We are on a mission to change that.

Let us help you get your affairs in order by making your Will and Powers of Attorney. We guide you with empathy and compassion on your estate planning journey, to the very end.

Why us?

We leverage the latest technology to provide an experience that equals or surpasses large fancy firms for a fraction of the price.

We are experienced, knowledgeable, responsive and available to communicate on various platforms, including email, phone, text, and videoconference.

We can conduct our services REMOTELY!

Our advice and knowledge offered is of tremendous value as it can save many dollars and headaches down the road. We obtain your consent before any fees are charged. We know we you are coming from. We empathize and guide you throughout your legal journey.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you.