Avi Charney

B.A. LL.B. LL.M.

Avi Charney is a dual-qualified lawyer specializing in Estates, Business and Real Estate law. Avi offers his legal services to clients throughout Ontario in English and in Hebrew. Avi's clients consider him their understanding, trusted legal advisor for Estate matters, Business and Real Estate transactions.

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About Avi Charney

Avi J. Charney is a Barrister and Solicitor, Notary Public and a Commissioner for taking affidavits in Ontario, as well as an Advocate licensed to practice law in the State of Israel.

Avi’s practice involves all things Estates and Real Estate related, with an emphasis on client service and satisfaction. Avi enjoys helping people with the important milestones in their lives, like purchasing property and resolving meaningful disputes. Avi is trusted legal advisor to a variety of individuals, estates and businesses, and is considered their chosen lawyer for buying and selling properties, estate related matters and mediation.

As a lawyer in both Canada and in Israel, Avi assists clients domiciled in Israel with legal mattters in Canada, and with Canadians and their legal matters in Israel, specifically to do with inheritance planning and real estate. As a Notary public in Canada, Avi can Notarize documents designated for use in Israel and can prepare legal opinions on Canadian law that are submitted to the courts in Israel.

Avi obtained his Bachelors in psychology from York University and maintains a keen interest in psychology, self-help and psychotherapy. Avi uses empathy and his broad knowledge of psychology to assist people understand the legal and non-legal issues they face. With his empathetic approach, Avi works to ensure client’s reach their desired destination without compromising on their legal rights.

Avi studied law at the University of London, England and then completed a Masters of Laws in Public International Law at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After working at prominent firms in Israel, Avi was admitted to practice law in Ontario and founded an international law office based out of Toronto, Canada.

Avi has a unique background. He served in an elite intelligence unit of the I.D.F. (Israeli Defence Forces) and was discharged in 2010. His first legal job as a law student was as legal-copy editor of the Association of Jewish Lawyers’ Justice Magazine, a compilation of academic articles on international law. Avi completed his articles at a leading law firm in Tel Aviv, Israel, and then worked as an in-house lawyer and Trustee at an investment house in Israel before being called to bar in Ontario, Canada.

As a believer in access to justice, Avi harnesses the latest technology to facilitate meetings and the provision of legal services throughout Ontario, Canada.