Mediation Lawyer

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a unique dispute resolution process. As an alternative to litigation, meditation seeks to resolve disputes “outside of court”. Therefore, mediation tends to be much cheaper, faster and often more effective in resolving a conflict than other traditional routes.

Importantly, mediation is confidential and privileged, so anything said during mediation cannot be used against you in future proceedings.

What we do

I use a multidisciplinary approach to mediations by fusing my knowledge of the law and as a lawyer, with my understanding psychology, emotions and reconciliation, finances and the human psyche. I focus on Estate and Family related disputes and resolutions by guiding you to a mutually beneficial resolution in a expeditious and affordable manner, with compassion and understanding.

My Approach

My mediation is non-partisan, completely neutral and flexible. I am empathetic to all sides.

I understand how difficult it can be to communicate with the “other side”. We help with that.

I use interest-based negotiations that allows the parties to have more control and input in the process. It allows for creative resolutions to conflicts, that would otherwise be unavailable in traditional settings.

Various approaches are used to reach a resolution. Not only do I understand the law and legal side of things, I understand psychology and finances, which are often underly conflicts.

Why Mediate?

Because it is mandatory under Rule 24.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure and because it is an effective way to resolve conflicts before the courts.

Mediation is a safeguard before the courts; safeguarding the public from the cost and uncertainty of the courts and saving the courts from the backlog of cases that could overwhelm and be too much for the courts to handle if not resolved in mediation. Mediation is a critical step in the process.

As it is a confidential process, clients can feel each other our and work to resolve their issues in creative ways before having to resort to the courts, which are costly, uncertain and could take a long time. Also, because mediation works.

Mediation looks at the issues that are important to you and does not have to frame the issues in a way that the court is obligated to. Courts are limited in their view of the issues and the solutions they can propose. Mediators however are “special forces”, operating under the radar and in private, resolving conflicts prior to public (the court) revelations and the bleeding of endless cash on protracted litigation.

Mediation saves a lot of time and money and headache. It works.

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