016 – Professor Robbie Sabel, Public International Law Advisor to the Israel Foreign Ministry & Professor at Hebrew University

Robbie began as a Chief Military Censor before joining the Foreign Service.

In the Foreign Ministry Robbie had the rank of Ambassador, and served in the following roles:
– Deputy Legal Advisor, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem
– Counselor for Political Affairs, Israel Embassy, Washington.
– The Legal Advisor, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem.
– Appointed Israel Ambassador to Canada.
– Foreign Ministry Coordinator for Combating Worldwide Anti-Semitism.
– Deputy Director General for Disarmament and Arms Control, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem.

Robbie was appointment by the government of Israel to negotiate, including as:
– Agent for Israel, Taba arbitration with Egypt.
– Legal Advisor Israel delegation to UN General Assembly.
– Member of Israel delegation for negotiating the Peace Treaties with Egypt and Jordan;
– Legal Advisor Israel delegation Washington negotiations with Palestinians (Madrid Conference Talks);
– Legal Advisor for Israel negotiations with Jordan on water issues 1985-1993.
– Member of ILA Drafting team, the 2004 ILA Berlin Rules on Water Resources (2004).
– Member of Israel delegation; Geneva 1973-1977 Humanitarian Law Conferences;
– International Civil Aviation Conferences.
– Head of Israel delegation: US – Israel Status of Forces Agreement;
– Head of Israel delegation, UN Conference on Use of International Watercourses.
– Representative of Israel to CERD.

Robbie was an Arbitrator at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, and is currently a Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A part of Israeli legal history, a former professor of mine, a great educator and an inspiration to many.

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